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There are many faces in the world of TV that look very beautiful and attractive. Today we are going to tell you about a girl whose age is 16 and there is so beautiful that you will not believe seeing.

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This actress has made everyone a fan of her look and charm figure. This girl has made such a bold figure at such a young age that she looks very attractive and pulls the fans towards her.

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Today we are talking about Anushka Sen, who is a child actor in a TV serial and is now working on TV channel Colors at Jhansi’s Queen Show Anushka Sen is so beautiful and hot that you If you look at the time, you will see it and he has made his figure even amazing, seeing someone attracted.

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Anushka Sen was born in Jharkhand in 2002, Anushka studied her from Ryan International School and is still doing her studies apart from work Anushka has worked in a TV serial called Balveer, Anushka is very active on social media and there But there are millions of followers on Anushka’s social media, who continue to share her new pictures, which continue to increase Anushka’s motivation.

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