Bike and scooter in their house, bad news for them, will apply in the whole country 2 rules

Nowadays people prefer to travel in public transport very little. Because nowadays people are more likely to buy their vehicles. But now for two-wheelers, 2 rules will apply to the whole country tomorrow, then read this news till the end. According to the title of today, the rules in the house where bikes and scooty will apply to them, bad news will apply throughout the country.

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So let’s know about those two big rules

First of all, we tell you that if you also drive bike and scooter or other two wheelers of any type, then you must read this news till the end, let us first tell you about the rule which, Will be implemented from tomorrow. In fact, the personal insurance cover on two-wheelers used to be a claim amount of `200000 but now it has been increased to` 1500000.

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Take a second big decision too

Now let’s talk about other big decisions. In fact, now you will be required to take a 5-year Third Party Insurance to buy a two-wheeler. Tell us about your information that we have told bad news about this topic. Because now you have to pay more for these two things.

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