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Claim the lottery money anonymously

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If you are winning the lottery in some states which allow you to keep your identity hidden, then it becomes easier for you to take the prize amount anonymously. The states are Ohio, North Dakota, Arizona, Georgia, Kansas, Maryland, Michigan, Texas, and Delaware. These are the few states which respect the privacy of the winners and help them to claim the money anonymously.

Now for the states who do not allow anonymous withdrawal of the money, what should be done? There are methods in which money can be claimed anonymously. First, you can appeal to the court, giving them valid reasons as to why you want to be anonymous. If the court agrees, then you can withdraw the money anonymously. If the court disagrees and feels your reason is invalid, then take the help of a lawyer and build the trust of your own. This way, the money will belong to the trust and not you. Your identity will be preserved, and later you can withdraw the money from the trust whenever you want.

Although the methods are quite challenging and complicated if you manage to stick around for a while and take the help of a good lawyer, you can easily claim the money anonymously.

Public VS Officials

The public wants to hide their names to stay away from further threats and alarms from goons or even relatives after they win a lottery. They want to enjoy the hard-earned money which they have won reading a mere lottery book or bribing the person who picks the numbers. But the officials, unfortunately, don’t have opinions in their favor. The officials want to declare the name of the winners to make the people believe that the lottery is real and they can take part in it. They understand the situation of the people but to win a lottery anonymously, there are other ways too. That’s why the officials urge to disclose the name of the winners.

The process of claiming is complicated, but when it comes to money, it’s always better to take a longer step and enjoy rather than taking a shorted one and regret later. To win a lottery using all sorts of tricks like using lottery books or giving money to the person who picks the numbers but to claim the money is the real challenge.


Some people make money unnecessarily in this lottery process. They are the lottery books sellers and the people who pick the numbers. People have blind faith in them that if they pay, more they can win more. If you are getting money in return, then it’s good but if you are not then it’s advisable not to waste money in such a manner. Donate it to someone who needs it.

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