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How to win the pick three lottery?

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It’s not in everyone’s luck to win the jackpot. So what if you never won the jackpot? There are a lot many smaller and fun options where you invest the bare minimum and win decent returns for your investment.

Pick 3 is one such option. It is available in all the states and can be played daily. You play the lottery, and you either win the lottery or lose. There’s no waiting forever for the draw to know if you did win the lottery. The draw happens on the same day. The highest amount you can get if you win the lottery is 500 dollars.

Play Pick 3 and Win the Lottery

Pick 3 is a simple game to play. The first step to play and win the lottery is to buy a ticket. In this case, it’s called a Pick 3 payslip. Buy this Pick 3 payslip from any authorized lottery retailer.

Each payslip has five panels A to E with three columns of numbers from 0 to 9. To play:

  • On one panel, pick one number from 0 to 9 in each of the three columns in the forum. This makes it a total of three numbers in a panel. You can either pick lottery numbers for yourself or let the terminal pick lottery numbers for you. For this, you have to check the QP (Quick Pick) box on the panel.
  • Next, choose play type. Play type names vary in different places like Box and Straight to Any Order and Exact Order. You can choose between Any Order, Exact Order, Any/Exact Order, Combo.
  1. Exact Order: If you choose Exact Order, you will win the lottery if your numbers match the winning numbers in the same order that they are drawn.
  2. Any Order: In Any Order, you will win the lottery if your numbers match the winning numbers.
  3. Exact/Any Order: This will need some extra spending on your part. In this type of play, you can win the lottery if your numbers match the numbers drawn in the exact order or not.
  4. Combo: In this play type, you can play all possible Exact Order combinations on one ticket.
  • Choose the amount you want to play for. You have to pay differently for different play types—the amount you pay ranges from 50 cents to 6 dollars.
  • Choose the draw time. The number of draw times and the time is different from state to state. Some states have four draws a day, six days a week, while some other states have two draws a day, seven days a week.
  • Choose the number of drawings you want to play with Multi-Draw or Advance Play. This lets you play your Pick 3 numbers for 24 consecutive pictures. You can even choose the number and time of the drawings. You can choose the desired number of drawings (up to 24) and the desired draw time (Morning, Day, Evening, Night) by checking the payslip’s desired box.

Pick 3 also offers another way to play called Fireball, where a fireball number is drawn in some states. To win the lottery, you replace any of the three drawn Pick 3 digits with the Fireball number to win the Fireball Prize-winning combinations. Check the box for Fireball if you are interested in this. Adding this option doubles the cost of each Pick 3 board played.