India’s 5 most common producing states will not believe knowing the first name

Hello friends, welcome to your channel, India is considered to be the world’s largest generous producer. There are many such states in India where mango is produced in very large quantities. Today we are going to tell you about five such states of India where the most common are produced.

5. Maharashtra

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Maharashtra comes fifth in the list of the most common producing states. Maharashtra is considered to be the richest state in the country. There are several such cities in Maharashtra which are fully developed, in Maharashtra, there are many types of farming besides mango. Mumbai’s capital Mumbai is also known as the economic capital of India.

4. Jharkhand

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Jharkhand comes in fourth place in the list of the highest producing states. Jharkhand produces a lot of mangoes, Jharkhand is considered as a poor state of India, but Jharkhand is ahead in terms of farming. In Jharkhand, many types of crops are produced besides mango.

3. West Bengal

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West Bengal comes in third place in the list of states producing mangoes in India: West Bengal is considered as a rich state of India, where the economic condition is strong. Rice is also cultivated in addition to mango in West Bengal. Industrialization is more in West Bengal due to which it is a rich state.

2. Orissa

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In the list of the most common states, Orissa comes in second place. Orissa is considered to be a poor state of India, but mangoes are good in Orissa. Apart from mango, rice is also cultivated in Orissa. The living and education level of the people of Orissa is very weak, due to which it is a poor state.

1. Tamil Nadu

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Tamil Nadu is considered to be India’s most common production state. Tamil Nadu is considered as a rich state of India. The economic condition of Tamil Nadu is very strong, due to which industrialization is the highest. Tamil Nadu is considered to be a developed state of India, where there is also other types of farming along with mango.

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