Kerala Lottery Result-Live Today Time: 3:00 PM PDF 2019

Live Kerala lottery results, കേരളാ ഭാഗ്യക്കുറി ഫലം Kerala lottery results today publishing results daily at 3 PM Live and Official result at 4.30pm.

Latest 7 Days Kerala Lottery Draw Results

Akshaya (AK-393) 01/05/2019 


Sthree Sakthi (SS-155) 30/04/2019


WIN-WIN (W-510) 29/04/2019 


POURNAMI (RN-389) 28/04/2019


Karunya (KR-393) 27/04/2019


NIRMAL WEEKLY LOTTERY (NR-118) 26/04/2019 


Karunya Plus (KN-262) 25/04/2019

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About Kerala State Lottery

The idea of lottery came for the first time in the mind of then Kerala Finance minister Shri P.K. Kunju Sahib. And this idea was revolutionary as a major source of non-tax revenue. It also a stable income source of the poor.

Kerala Lottery Result Nirmal

On Friday Kerala Lottery Result Nirmal is being played. First Prize winner will get an amount of 60,00,000/-. This ticket will cost you 30/-. But if you want to purchase the whole book of the ticket it will cost you 750/-. And I will provide you the Kerala Lottery Result Nirmal on 2 PM onwards.

Kerala Lottery Result win-win

On every Monday Kerala Lottery Result, win-win is being played. First prize of this lottery will provide you a sum of 65,00,000/-. This lottery ticket will cost you 30/-. But the whole book will cost you 750/-. You can have the Kerala Lottery Result win-win at 2 PM onwards.

Kerala Lottery Result Pournami

Kerala Lottery Result Pournami is played on Sunday every week. 70,00,000/- is the first prize. It is one of the most famous lotteries among the lottery players. Single lottery ticket will cost you 30/-. The price of the per book is 750/-. And the result will be updated here at 2 PM every day.

Kerala Lottery Result Sthree Shakti

On every Tuesday you can play Kerala Lottery Result Sthree Shakti. The first prize winner will get a price of 60,00,000/-. A ticket of 30/-can change your life. And if you have the whole book for 750/-it can be game-changing. Visit this site at 2 PM to know the result.

Kerala Lottery Result Karunya

Karunya Lottery is being played on every Saturday. The first prize winner will get a handsome sum like 80,00,000/-. As the prize is higher than another Kerala Lottery it will cost you 40/- and the whole book costs 1000/-. Kerala Lottery Result Karunya is published on 2 PM every Saturday.

Kerala Lottery Result Akshaya

If you want to play Akshaya you have to cut the lottery on every Wednesday.60,00,000/- is the first Prize of this lottery. If you want to win this lottery you need to purchase a single ticket for 30/-and the whole book for 750/-. At 2 PM get Kerala Lottery Result Akshaya.

Kerala Lottery Result Karunya Plus

Every Thursday you can play Karunya Lottery. Kerala Lottery Result Karunya Plus will give you a sum of 80,00,000/-. The ticket will cost you 40/- and the whole book is for 1000/-.

Kerala Lottery Result Bumper Vishnu

If you want to win 5 crores play Kerala Lottery Result Bumper Vishnu on 23-05-2019. It will help you to become rich in one shot. The ticket will cost you 200/-. But I suggest you enhance the chance of a win by purchasing the whole book for 2000/-.

So, my fellow readers, I wish you won very soon, but if you want to win very soon you need to keep a look at Kerala Lottery Guessing on a daily basis. To stay tuned with us also follow the Kerala Lottery Facebook Group. To know more visit the Kerala State Lottery Official website.

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