Know why vermilion is applied in demand? Knowing the truth, you will be left wondering

Hinduism is completely dependent on culture and traditions. There are many ancient traditions in Hindu religion that have been going on for centuries and people still follow it. It is said that because of these ancient traditions, India has made its own identity in the whole world. There is also a scientific significance of some ancient Hindu religion. However, there are very few people who are aware of its scientific significance. Most people see this as a conservative tradition.
Kumkum is usually used in all Pooja, usually performed under the continuous tradition of Satatan tradition. It is used not only for worship but also for other demanding works. In the practice of Shakti, Kumkum is used exclusively. The Kumkum, specially placed in the worship plate, is not only religious but also of scientific importance.
Scientific importance of Kumkum
Kumkum is a type of medicine used in the worship. Which is used to remove skin related disorders in Ayurveda. The use of Kumkum, applied on the forehead, not only increases the beauty, but also increases the concentration of the mind.
Kumkum is connected to sixteen makeup
The sixteen make up of women is related to not only her beauty but also the happiness and prosperity of the house. Kumkum has special significance in these sixteen make uprs of good fortune. It is considered auspicious to have a red dot on the frontal from the Kumkum or vermilion by the suhagin women.
Good luck and good luck
Kumkum has special significance in any of the puja. In the practice of Shakti, Kumkum has been considered as a sacred substance to provide infinite quantity, which is to fulfill all the wishes of women. Kumkum’s red color symbolizes auspiciousness, enthusiasm, euphoria and courage. Applying it on the forehead brings happiness to the mind. On Sundays, getting the Kumkum and Akshat in the copper lote gets the confidence and good fortune by giving the sun god the sun god direct god.
Shiva did not use worship
Even though Kumkum is considered a symbol of good luck and good fortune, keep in mind that there is a prohibition of Kumkum in Shiva’s worship.
Women can get heavy demand in this manner

In fact, the importance of applying vermilion in the scriptures is also given as the proper method of applying it, according to which if a married woman puts vermilion in the middle of her demand then her husband can never have premature death. As well as planting vermilion in this way protects the husband’s worldly crisis and fear.
According to ancient beliefs, the married woman who conceals vermilion under the hair, then her husband’s social identity also disappears. The people of society and relations and relatives leave it. In such a case it is necessary that the middle of the vermillion demand should be set such that they can easily be seen by all. This increases the honor of her husband.
At the same time, some women put vermilion on one side of the head rather than vermilion in the middle of the middle, whereas, according to ancient belief, the woman who makes vermilion like this, her husband also shifts from it. In such a situation, there are distances in husband and wife and their differences remain in their relationship.
In addition, these beliefs are quite popular if the woman applies long veins between her demands, then her husband’s age is also long like that vermillion line. In fact, there is a mythological story attached to it that it is Sugriva According to the plan, according to this plan, the sugreev had to fight Bali and during that time Shriram had to kill Bali. In the war between Crimea and Bali, Sugriva killed a lot in that fight. In such a way, Sugriva saved her life and came to Lord Shriram and asked why you did not kill Bali.
It is believed that in response to this question of the source, Lord Shriram said that the face of you and Bali is the same, so that I became confused and did not fight but the fact is not the whole truth, because Lord Rama can not recognize anyone, It can not happen. Nobody can hide from his divine vision. Actually, the fact was that when Shriram was about to kill Bali, then his eyes fell on the demand of his wife Tara, who stood a little away, which was full of vermilion at the time. In such a way, he did not kill Bali at that time while honoring the vermillion of Tara’s demand.
But after the next time, when the war of sugreev and balali was fought next, they found that Bali’s wife Tara was bathing, so there was no vermilion on her forehead, then Lord Rama slaughtered Bali as soon as possible. In this case, on the basis of this story, it was recognized that the married woman who is clear and taller in her demand, her husband’s age is also very long.

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