Land becoming barren due to lack of nutrients

Ghanshyam Pal, Bilaspur: The land of agriculture is becoming deteriorating in Gautam Buddha Nagar. Nutrient elements have been deficient in soil. The excessive use of urea has reduced the nutrient intensity of land. In the Soil Testing of the farmers of 10253 farmers, there is tremendous lack of nutritional elements. Farmers are also responsible for this. Those who are experimenting without soil, are using urea, DAP and other chemical fertilizers in excess quantity for higher yields. In order to increase the fertility of the land, farmers are advised to use timber fertilizers as well as use of manure compost besides green manure of sunny, dhaicha. If the farmers did not check the soil during the time, the cultivable land would be totally barren.
Twelve parameters of clay are examined in the District Soil Testing Center located in Bilaspur, Danark Block. Five main nutrients PHA EC, biological phosphorus, potassium are examined, while seven types of carbon, nitrogen, sulfur, zic, boran, iron, manganese and copper are examined in a lab located in Ghaziabad. In Bilaspur Soil Laboratory, 10253 farmers’ fields were found to be able to detect nutrient deficiency in soil testing. Most of this land was not cultivated. Dev Prakash Sharma, a subsidiary of Soil Laboratory, said that gypsum is found in abundance of sulfur, calcium, which the farmers of the region demand more. The soil is not fertile after not getting Gypsum. Farmers should periodically check the soil. Daincha seeds are present in the laboratory with 50 percent discount for farmers, but farmers did not show any interest in buying Dhaincha. Drying and sunny smelting make green manure and fibers are filled in soil.
About 10,253 farmers of Mohan Lal, Assistant, Soil Laboratory, four development blocks of Bilaspur district have examined the fertile power of their cultivable soil. After scrutiny of soil, soil health cards have been given to farmers. Conscious use of biological and green manure is done to maximize use.
-Rajendrapal Singh, Chairman, Soil Testing Laboratory, Bilaspur
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