This will make just a note of 5 rupees extremely rich, do you have?

Often we see many things that are in front of our eyes but we do not know their value. But when we know, we can not trust our eyes, we can not do it ourselves. We tell you about some of the notes which are going to open your eyes, there are lots of crazy notes of two thousand pink notes, but the note we are talking about today is a note Not only big but only five rupees but very special, but why is it special about this also, would you like to know?

First of all, when did the note come into existence? In fact, the note came into existence, almost six decades ago in the year 1970 when this note was issued and the color of this note was green green, the same Ashoka pillar in front of this note and the farmer running a tractor in the back Was watching

Now you are thinking that you can get any money from any such note, it is not so, those who make collections of notes can see some specialty in them as either its serial number is very similar or very special Or if the number 786 is inserted inside these numbers, then this note becomes very special, after which if you sell it to a collector then he can give you a good price and its May be in millions of rupees

Many deals also come to hear about where for a small note piece, the rayers collector have paid a price of up to two lakh rupees, which is more than the market value of that note.

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