Those who come in the account will be happy to know the gas subsidies, the good news for them

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The Modi government provided free gas connections to the Indian women through the Ujjwala scheme to get rid of the smoke emanating from wooden hinges. In which about 5 crore women received the benefits of free gas connections. But after a period of time people stopped using the gas stove and started using the wooden stove.

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The smoke coming out of a wooden stove is harmful not only for the environment but also to human life. In such a situation, Modi Government has started providing gas subsidy to encourage people to use gas stove. In which the gas subsidy money is deposited in the bank account of the buyer of gas cylinder. If your account also receives gas subsidy, then there is great news for you.

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Actually, there are some gas cylinders which buy gas cylinders every month but they do not have gas subsidies in their account. That’s why they have to face a lot of difficulties. In such a situation, the government has started online service to solve the problems of the people. Go to LPG’s website and get information related to its gas subsidy. Apart from this, you can also see changes in the gas cylinder address or the history of booking. The status of gas subsidy and its report can be done here.

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