Those who have ATM cards will be very happy to know the great news coming for them.

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The use of ATMs has increased greatly since the digital India campaign run by the Modi government. At present, ATM cards are being used by most people in the daily transactions of MARRA. Apart from this, people are now visiting ATMs for cash withdrawal. If you open a new account in the bank, the new account ATM Card is made available by the bank.

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If you also have an account in the bank and use an ATM card, then there is a great news for you. Actually, the use of ATMs has increased in the present time, which has prompted RBI governor Das to be governed by the order of the Government of India. In which the charges on the use of ATM can be eliminated.

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He said that the use of ATMs has been increasing rapidly in the present time, as well as the discussion of the charge and fees used on the ATM is going on for a long time. Which has been demanded to end several times. The ruling party said that the Reserve Bank will constitute a committee. After which the charge imposed on the withdrawal by the ATM can be completely eliminated.

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