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Why buy separate lottery tickets

Bunch of lotto tickets

In the whole race to win the lottery, it is a matter of question if purchasing multiple lottery tickets is anyhow on the better side?

This question is not a rare occurrence for all. While one may think it’s better to capture more tickets for a better possibility to win the lottery, there are ones who decide to a standstill and play their luck with single access.

With the respective topic, there are two types of ‘separate lottery’. For reference, let’s ideate X as a person availing 500 tickets or the equivalent number for just a single draw. Whereas Z purchases a lesser number of tickets to pick lottery numbers is limited to 1-5 per day, and the practice goes around for a year.

The probability of beating the lucky draw is somewhat closely associated.

Basic knowledge before you pick lottery numbers and tickets

Even the lucky winnings have a strategy, uttering personal belief!

With overall participants of 5 M, participant X has 500 tickets to pick lottery numbers from. 500 seems a big exclusive of the overall percentage.

Nevertheless, on counting the victory percentage, the result delivered doesn’t merrily shake the participant X. Why? Because the odds and even to win the lottery draw come out to be 500/5,000,000, i.e., 0.0001 %.

But note that the probability differs widely considering the count of participants and a personal number of tickets bought.

Is buying entire lottery tickets considerable?

Talking about grabbing the whole to pick lottery numbers or easy saying, clearing the ticket stock with one right hand is a matter of laugh and cry in big lotteries. It’s close to impossible to purchase all of the 5M tickets unless you are a personal jackpot to yourself. But such a living pot certainly prefers to invest in relevant businesses rather than grabbing the 5 M tickets for a mere victory that lottery books.

Keeping aside the big lucky draws, we’ll meet the relatively smaller lucky draws. The positive points to having the ticket to oneself in smaller lotteries are possible. To purchase 500 tickets with 5 M participants is not better than buying 300 tickets for a lucky draw consisting of 300 participants. See, with 300 tickets you saved your investment cash for 200 other tickets and also drove to the 100% possibility to win the lottery.

The best advice stated is that grab the whole of tickets rather than availing a part of it.


Prior to running to the lures of hitting a big jackpot, check and find out the authenticity before you pick lottery numbers.

Also, before investing in all of the lottery tickets, you need to calculate and find out if the money invested is going into vain concerning the overall prize and rewards given.

Other than that, the chances to win the lottery are indeed very less. But that is not a vital topic to emphasize upon for luck comes to all and turns back again shortly.