You will be surprised to know the price of 1 liter of milk in Pakistan;

Hello friends All of you are welcome. On our channel, Pakistan is always trying to challenge India, but Pakistan is always meeting because Pakistan fosters terrorism while India wants to end terrorism. After the Pulwama attack, the Indian government took strict action against Pakistan, after which financial tightening has started in Pakistan. In Pakistan, the inflation rate has increased so much that the people’s rules are very difficult to buy.

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With the increase in prices of everything in Pakistan, along with this, there has been a lot of increase in the price of milk in Pakistan. Do you know the price of 1 liter of milk in Pakistan? Following the Pulwama attack, things went to Pakistan in India, after which inflation has increased in Pakistan. In Pakistan, tomatoes and other vegetables are being found at very high prices. Before Pakistan was hit by inflation, now the situation has worsened further.

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How much rupees liters is available in Pakistan –

Knowing the price of 1 liter of milk in Pakistan, you will be surprised. Inflation in Pakistan has increased so much that it has become difficult for people living here too. You may be surprised to know that the cost of 1 liter of milk in Pakistan is around 180 ₹ 180. The Karachi Dairy Farm Association suddenly increases the price of milk by ₹ 23. Due to that, the retail price of 1 liter of milk is getting close to 180 ₹ 180 in the retail markets of Pakistan. Whereas in India, the price of 1 liter of milk is between 50 and 55 rupees.

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